Sunday Apr 21, 2024

Transient Predictions released!

Dear Solo and GM-Less RPG players,

Transient Predictions is a simple method of playing solo RPGs and Journaling games with ease. The core philosophy of it, is to establish a prediction of your plot, to give you a goal when coming up with ideas to unfold your game. Think of that last scene, or a potential answer to your mystery, or the evil person behind the trouble. Then, figure out how your characters get there!

Such prediction is, at all times, subject to change, and is never true, until it is, or not!

By defining where your plot, thread, or game finishes, you will have a much smoother experience when it comes to setting up clues, enemies, obstacles, and achieve amazing experiences while playing without a game master. And if it is the case, such prediction will shift, making your characters wonder what happened.

The game is offered as digital, print, and form-fillable.

I hope you have fun with it, feedback welcome, and donations appreciated 🙂

Can be played with ANY solo RPG system you like, including those of my own Plot unfolding machine and Game unfolding machine.

Download from or DriveThruRPG



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