Sunday Apr 21, 2024

Plot unfolding machine Final Release!

For those of you who might have not heard of it before, the Plot Unfolding Machine (PUM) is a one-pager GM Emulator that helps you come up with scene proposals, challenges and stakes for your PCs to fight for. What stands between your characters and their goals? Who is opposing them, and how? What happens next?.​ These are questions PUM tries to help answer, moving your game forward.

After many iterations of play testing and refinement, I am happy to stay this is now a final release (unless I find a terrible typo around or grammar mistake), and would like to encourage you taking a look at it.

It is basically a supporter for Scene Setup preparation (for those familiar with Mythic and the like), though completely system and RPG agnostic. It comes as well with a set of oracles I consider essential for asking quite a wide range of questions.

Do take a look if you can and let me know what you think 🙂 It is free!

Plot Unfolding Machine for Solo RPG by JeansenVaars (


Plot Unfolding Machine – JeansenVaars |


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