Sunday Apr 21, 2024

Game unfolding machine v2 – Release

GUM is a generic and modular Game Master’s assistant that helps you play your favorite tabletop roleplaying games with less effort, by providing you with ideas for your game on the fly, to develop stories with rich and creative twists, be it for playing as a solo player, sharing the GM role among your group, or to help yourself while game mastering to your friends.

Full YouTube video showing GUM v2

Main principle: Phrase based prompts that are concrete enough to move the game forward.


  • Game creator – World truths, campaign goals, plot hooks
  • Oracles – Yes or no, interventions, and proposal checks
  • Scene design – Get ideas for exploration and combat scenes
  • Plot discoveries – Figure out what your PCs can discover next
  • NPC interactions – Deal with NPCs, both supportive and enemies
  • Location prompts – Abstract ideas for coming up with locations
  • Prompting questions – For emulating PC in-game questions
  • Motivations and deeds for Good or Evil character backgrounds

What about PUM, SUM, or GUM v1?

The Plot unfolding machine (PUM) and Scene unfolding machine (SUM) games remain valid, as you may prefer one-pagers that are a compact system to play with.

As to Game unfolding machine (GUM v1), I released this one separately since it changes GUM so much that it might be a bit confusing to make it an update, plus, some players might prefer the now “old” GUM, which was more comprehensive.

GUM v1 was significantly bulkier and bigger, while v2 has fewer but more powerful tables, with what worked best before reinforced, and what was a bit redundant, weaker, or over-complicated, optimized and simplified. It is also overall prettier. There is much less text and only one edition now.


Owners of Game Unfolding Machine v1 EXTENDED get a copy of GUM v2 for free within the download files of GUM v1. If you donated above the threshold before, you don’t have to pay again to get this new version of GUM! Reach out to me in case of doubts.

Have fun and happy gaming



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David Ross
David Ross
8 months ago

Thank you and nice work!

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