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Fallout Atom Divided – Wasteland Stories

Humanity feels uncomfortable on earth. They wander around, figuring things out as they go. To them, the past is nothing but plastic leftovers, ashes of old memories from a different universe. What matters is whether they find a Nuka-Cola that is not empty, or a Mole Rat that’s still got some non-poisoned meat. And Ammo, of course. After all, if someone finds you with a Nuka-Cola that still got some liquid in it, that someone might want it.

This kind of people is what you find in the Wasteland. Year 2284

A settlement, north of the Commonwealth, lost the protection of the Minuteman. Likely they were busy with some other problems, probably Diamond City. Anyway, it was time to move, raiders knew that and they were sacking and looting hard. The question is, where the hell shall the settlers go?

Mr. Ramsey – Bleeps a lot of words out

A woman named Daiana, came with a Pip-Boy and a bunch of mercenaries, and a plan, that’s all what was needed. But she also needed a good couple of survivors to make something out of the expedition. She got herself the best of the best, Vira, a trigger-happy Mercenary with good heart and good aim for Molotov. And somehow, a free-willed Mr. Handy robot, called himself Mister Ramsey. Supposedly the robot was a cook, but damn, when Daiana saw him chopping a Mirelurk in two with his buzz-saw arms…

The expedition figured to follow a trace of a G.E.C.K, marked on Daiana’s PipBoy. So Vira kind of lead them over there, with a mercenary colleague of her called Marvin. Marvin later perished, after he stepped on a rock, that ended up being the hulk of a huge Mirelurk. Poor Marvin. But he had it coming, he was being more trouble than help with the settlers. But Vira stayed true to her task, and they discovered something strange.

Super Mutant Prisoners and Naked Raiders

Three paid thugs were tying up a Super Mutant, and loading him with Mines. The Super Mutant in rage, could not do much against reinforced metal chains. A Hunting Rifle shot was heard. Vira looked left, someone bold enough decided to open fire first – “How dare she!”. A Sharpshooter Ghoul was tracing these raiders for some time now. Vira and Ramsey joined the fray.

It’s gonna blow! Are those dynamites?

Idiots were being paid to pick up this Super Mutant, who later the crew figured out he was called Trevor, and detonate him somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Right in the direction where the expedition scouts were coming from! For some reason they ended up naked, it was getting cold, and the crew were starving for loot, of course. At least they let them walk alive.

Uncle Hermann and the Truck

Trevor, the super mutant, was a damned Brotherhood of Steel. The very thing they hate. Still with some neurons in the brain, he managed to lead the party to a tower, where they could see a Truck coming. Trevor had anger management issues, of course, but charming Vira and her exotic red hair, managed to sooth him off. Also, her being the one disabling the explosives on Trevor’s neck, might have had something to do with him calling her his savior.

“It was already on fire when I found it!”

Mr. Ramsey chopped off a tree, the truck crashed. And guess what, Another Super Mutant. This one dead. A Truck rolling in the wasteland? You must be kidding me! Someone paid an old farmer, Uncle Hermann, gave him a Fusion Core and a bunch of caps, to drive another Super Mutant. But where? A Vertibird Landing Zone was spotted South. Was he being delivered for a reason? Was that a message?

Anyway, the Party tried to get rid of Uncle Hermann, but he grew fond of Mister Ramsey, because well, Mister Ramsey also knew how to fix broken bones and limbs! And he also beeeeped* a lot.

The Operators and Ramsey’s kids

Eye Bots. Full of them. “Are they yours, Mister Ramsey? No they aren’t!” The party assaulted a hideout, a factory, a shop and a warehouse area, full of patrolling robots. It was a hell of a fight. Vira barely made it alive. There were prisoners and radio communicators in the area. Thanks to Vira, ended up damaged, of course.

Flanking maneuvers! Wait, Vira, is that a grenade?

Jane managed to liberate a prisoner and hacked a terminal later. It was the Operators. Those were working for some evil force in the brotherhood, apparently sending him supplies and idiotic mercenaries that were poorly paid and ended up naked anyway.

She says she’s old, very old

But Jane stood up cold, with her cracked voice and purple hair, managed to break out a deal from these Operators. They had a G.E.C.K., so they would be willing to give it away, and in exchange, the crew would leave them the place they captured. It was an old farming shop, but it was their home, and they didn’t want strangers in there, messing up with their plans. They didn’t understand the G.E.C.K anyways, so they also bobby-trapped it. Of course, they did not know these people would be actively screwing up their plans until later! So then, they wanted the G.E.C.K back, naturally. Seriously?

The Brotherhood Renegades… and Vincent

The crew found a camp. It was one of the best places they could ever find in Radbury. There was literally nothing so far, just farms and dead forests, and feral ghouls. But this place was a fortress. Vincent had found it, worked on it a little bit, or paid for it with stolen money? Who knows. He said something about chinese Ghouls. Next, a squad of Brotherhood of Steel came by, starving, and he was cool enough to let them in. They protected each other, they earned trust and most of all, Vincent didn’t ask many questions. The less he knows, the safer he’ll be. This is how you survive out there.

That baseball bat just smashed a Protectron!

The brotherhood gang ended up being renegades. Apparently, the Brotherhood marked them as traitors after a failing mission that lead to the death of their Paladin. Or at least that’s what one of the recovered Tapes said. But Trevor, the Super Mutant was still alive, who still retained some of his memory, said otherwise. Trevor had them rescued out of a poisonous place: Vault 86, before he ended up being a Monster. Confused? Good!

Is that the G.E.C.K? Is that Cousin Jimmy? What is real? what is fake? Those are questions we leave for a future article. Because there is more to it, including Confessor Calvin Poll and Crusader Boris. Of them we’ll talk once we figure out a bit more! Wasteland bless you all!


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