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Fires of a dead Fenix – 4 (Finale)

We follow the events of Fires of a dead Fenix – 1, Fires of a dead Fenix – 2, Fires of a dead Fenix – 3.
Lord Inquisitor Nfaethius and Khalea, proceed to the mines of Creya, after having learned the evil plans of Lord Protector and Mayor of Creya, of forcing the village into quarantine, actually before the village was razed by demonic fire. On the other hand, Khalea’s brother could not be found.

Scene 7: Mines of Creya

[What is going on at the mines? → Merge, Arcane, Investment]
[Scene type (second symbol) → Crown, Power, Royalty]
[First sight → Sharply Chiseld Stones. Feeling → Fluctuating Energies]
[Is the Lord Supreme Protector merging his souls with one of demons? → No]
[Are there guards in the mines, protecting? → Yes]

After traversing the village of Creya, Khalea and the Inquisitor eventually find the lost entrance to the mines. It was buried in a cemetery, around the original entrance to the mines. A hatch going below, with some stairs, indicated recent use.

After walking through the tunnels that eventually merged with the actual mines, they see in the distance two armored guards, with a mace, and swords, and shields. A torch on the wall was giving them certain vision, but it was overall dark. The inquisitor left behind their own torch, and decided to move in darkness to take advantage of their position.

[Khalea leads a Sneaky (2) → Fail (1)

“What was that? Who’s there?”

As they failed to sneak behind the guards, the battle had to begin, the guards raised questions and swords, and saw a Puma, Nes, rushing at full speed against them, the guard reacted in team and took his right-handed mace and cracked the head of the Puma. Khalea yelled in full anger, “Nes! No!”. The Inquisitor tried to assist, but the other guard stood on his way, arrows from Khalea started flying, and a clash of sword and sword started ringing in the mines of the hallway.

This did not go the way it was foreseen, Nes was in life-danger situation with wounds cut open and losing a lot of blood. The Inquisitor was not in good shape either, as he was already tired and had open wounds from the ritual against the Demon back in the outskirts of the city.

Scene 8: Inner Demons

Khalea was crying, as she was trying to helplessly stop the bleeding from her beloved puma. The Inquisitor knew this emotional weakness would attract the demon that was locking in her. By experience, it would happen any time now. He keeps his distance from her.

[Does a demon finally posses Khalea as expected? (Likely) → YES!]
[What kind of demon? → Degrade, Hive. Name → Leilani
[Demon Symbol → Hagalaz (Weather, Disaster Strikes, Out of Control)]

The Inquisitor didn’t have the strength to try to bind the demon to his will, he was losing too much blood, and was exhausted from a long day and the lack of sleep because of the terror nightmares.
He had however blood on his hands, so he would try to cage the demon to buy time, using his own hands as part of the ritual.

[Flashy (4) → Success (5), used FATE Point in ‘Inquisitor of the order of Pfaar’ and Stunt ‘Demon Bind’

The Inquisitor falls on his back, exhausted. He tries to recover his breath.

– “I am sorry, Khalea, that I brought you here” said in a whispering tone
– “Ha, you fool. I feel the flesh of your human friend. We are the MANY, we are the HIVE”
– “You cannot move from where you are, foul demon.”
– “Ha ha ha, but I do have your little cutie friend, Ha Ha. She is all ours.”

He was in no energy to keep up the fight. In a way, he knew that bringing regular humans to a demonic source would endanger them. But he also knew that through channeling of weak humans, he could get to the demons he wanted to talk with.

– “Where is the Lord Supreme Protector?”
– “Ha ha, he is too busy making deals, making good deals. We’ll be back, and we’re going to eat you all”
– “Why are you taking my friend here, when you could take the Lord Supreme Protector?”
– “Why? Shut up Human! The Lord Supreme is for our Saal, our mighty Demon Lord”
– “Ah… too bad. I thought you would want to have such power yourself, since you were… the mighty Hive we always heard of.”

[Clearly trying to bluff. That will be a desperate Clever (2) → Success at a Cost (2)]

– “We want that yes, it is rightfully ours. The THRONE. But our mighty Saal is to be respected, you foul human. He is going to let me slay you, and eat you, and slay you again!”
– “What is your mighty Saal going to think when he sees you in the body of a petty huntsman, closed in a cage, huh?”
– “Shut up! Let me go!”
– “Well… I could…” – Says the Inquisitor while the demon rages in fury
– “You are so much dead, either way!”
– “I’ll tell you what”, counter offers the Inquisitor, “You leave her go, heal her pet, make her forget… and in exchange, you take ME. And we, together, we show your Saal who is the true Saal. What say you?”

[This will be a clever. Using Demon Sense (2) → Success at a Cost (2)]

– “Yes, but only IF you burn the amulet of the Ratheos” – The demon was clever, as he realizes Khalea’s amulet was impeding him from being truly free. That would be a blow the Inquisitor did not expect.
– “Fine. Now do it”

The inquisitor would open the cage, allowing the demon to move freely for a moment, despite being a truly dangerous agreement.

[Will the demon hold to his word? (Likely) → Yes]

The demon walks with the body of the girl, levitating her Puma, towards the entrance of the cave, driving her body to the exit. The Inquisitor coming along, injured, to make sure the pact is carried. Finally, the demon jumps into the Inquisitor’s body, and a mighty gravitational force shakes the mines themselves, causing rocks and metal to break and tear apart.

Scene 9: Outer Demons

A ritual. A sacrifice. The Lord Supreme Protector, wearing full plate armor, was turning into…

[Element of the Ritual → Fire]
[Symbol of the Ritual → Ehwaz (A relationship proves to be more successful than imagined]
[Purpose of the Ritual → Foil, Font, Ironic]
[Is the good relationship the Inquisitor’s? (or the Lord Protector) → The Lord Protector’s

…turning into fire. Various warriors, turned into fire. In front of them, a huge figure. A Fenix. With the power of its wings, would make the Iron Plated Fire Warrior levitate until standing on its feet.

The Inquisitor, would struggle to retain his consciousness, with a demon inside.

[Forceful (3) → No more FATE Points. Using stunt ‘Demon Control’. Fail (2)]

That was a poor roll in a critical moment

But the Inquisitor, weak of willpower, yields to the driving force of his body, towards the stairs of the ritual hall, within the mines.

– “What are you doing, in such a foul body? I command you to destroy your shell”, imposed the mighty voice of the possessed Lord Supreme Commander, with the Fenix on top of his body.
– “We are no longer yours to command. This shell is but the Pfaar Inquisition’s order itself. We have a better stand here. We are the HIVE Saal”
– “You are but a petty demon, in a damaged shell”
– “But we are in possession of higher ruling command of destruction, our Baal will see. We follow orders”

Both possessed bodies would look at the Fenix, winging above them, to see which demon is favored.

[Is the Lord Inquisitor a preferred vessel for the Baal? → No]
[What happens then? → Antagonize Irksome Council]
[Would the Lord Supreme Commander win? → Yes]

The flying Fenix of fire, would suddenly place its claws in the shoulders of the Inquisitor, and with its firing head, while burning the body of the Human Inquisitor, would strongly suck the soul from his mouth, with such a force that his intestines would revolve, even though the force was extradimensional. The Hive Demon would come out of the body, screaming in pain, fighting for its life after attempting to rebel itself.

For the duration of the struggle, the shoulders and torso of the Inquisitor would burn in demonic fire. He was resourceless, and was only able to see the pain as a foreigner, while his body was being defiled by demonic wrath.

Lifeless, the Inquisitor’s body would fall into the ground, just at the same time the Lord Supreme Commander raises, with a flaming sword, to begin the era of demonic rule and the age of the dimensional wars.

On a dark corner, a spying Khalea, with her Puma, Nes, would start running out of the Mine, as to inform the Inquisiton of Pfaar and their scribes, about tthe failure of the first attempt and her discoveries…



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