Saturday Jul 13, 2024

JV’s Combat Designer

Combats feeling linear and bland? Check this table out! Roll one or two of these to your table, either at the beginning or in the middle of your combat, to spice it up and let the chaos reign šŸ™‚

1More enemies than expected
2Enemy has unexpected weapons or skills
3Hazard or Traps on the Field or Target
4Help or information required
5Elevation or underground Terrain
6Difficult Terrain
7Unexpected Help arrives
8Unexpected Enemy arrives
9Distracting Force or Multitasking is Needed
10Time Limit
11Bystanders or Innocents
12Moving or Unstable Ground
13Atmospheric or Environment difficulties
14Tactical Technology or Mechanical Device in the Field
15Vehicle or Machine for use
16Secret Passage or Shortcut may be discovered
17Stealth Enemies
18Enemy is getting healed
19Physical effort Required
20Mental effort Required

Have fun! Hope you like it. Say thanks!. JV


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