Tuesday Jun 06, 2023

Mythic GME Tools for Foundry VTT

Glad to share that, with permission of Tana Pigeon, from Word Mill Games, I developed and published a module to play Mythic GM Emulator in Foundry Virtual Tabletop.


  • Scripts for rolling Fate Charts, Random Event and Scene Chaos Checks
  • One-Click oracles for Variations #1 (Complex Questions, Backstory Generator, Focus Tables)
  • One-Click oracles for Variations #2 (Fate Checks, Behavior Checks, Detail Checks and more)
  • Persistently records current Chaos Rank
  • Tools to help with journaling and game tracking
  • Support for Cards! (GMA, Mythic Decks, Adventure Crafter)

Get it through the Foundry VTT Module Marketplace and read the full documentation HERE

The development of these tools was hard work – Do consider inviting me a Ko-Fi as a contribution for sharing this for free 🙂


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