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Dragon Mysteries – 2

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Following the events of Dragon Mysteries – 1, Eron and Setia poked around the village of Niteras for clues regarding the strange events of disappearances and demonic apparitions. They found themselves in front of the presence of a Desire Demon attacking a guard at night.


Next morning, Eron and Setia to explore the outskirts of Niteras, in the lookout for the rebel mages or the ruins of Garthiel.

Location Crafter (Region Horror Woods): 97 – Neatly|Dark: Gloomy Dark Forest of Niteras

What about them? (Story Descriptors): 26 – Associated with Group – Apostate mages of Garthiel

What else? (Story Descriptors): 76 – Dark Column: 57 – Disaster struck the woods

Here are some lousy expectations of Known or Unique elements containing elements that might have been heard or rumoured about in the Forest of Niteras, such as the potential sightings of rebel mages, bandits, strange caves and other dangerous potential encounters.

Scene 6

Location-Encounter-Object: Expected, Expected, Random (Watery|Familiar)

Scene Proposal: The Templars find a waterskin in the middle of the road of the early parts of the first. Certain animals can be heard moving here and there on the sides.

Outcome: After further investigation, the waterskin seems to belong to a soldier of a human family (Angrily|Military), since it portrays a shield with two crossed swords. It belongs to House Tharos, apparently a faction in war for this area of the region (antagonize|allies). Setia identifies some animal tracks around, although no sign of combat (Linked Suspect to Animals Enraged). Could this mean another human faction is perhaps weakening the region?

Scene 7

Location-Encounter-Object: Random (Clean|Purposeful), Expected, None

Scene Proposal: A clearing in the forest looks particularly inviting, a rabbit sitting in the middle of it. Bandits, setting up a trap for the PCs.

Outcome: Eron steps on a trap that pulls him off and leave him hanging on the tree, three thugs with daggers and bows show up rushing at the only, now alone Setia and tackle her to disarm her. The Templars, forced to give up, agree to the terms of the bandits. Who steal their food and attempt to take Eron’s sword and shield.

Eron however, convinces them that they are trying to help the forest, and gets them to agree, while still taking their food and some valuable trinkets. Trying to pull conversation, the Templar ask about the soldier of the waterskin, and they learn the House of Tharos has been trying to weaken the region, since they have claims on it. And not only that, they also saw a kid from the Village, with an Elf carrying a Greatsword with Runes. The plot thickens! And both Eron and Setia gain the condition Hungry.

Scene 8

Location-Encounter-Object: Known (1d10+2: 7 = Empty, Random: Cute|Bright), None, None

Scene Proposal: After Eron and Setia escape and untangle themselves from the trap (not without shame that they fell against some regular bandits). They continue to walk throughout the forest of Niteras, until they find a well hidden spot, of what it once was a shrine of the maker. They will try to make camp, hunt for food and rest.

Scene Alteration: Interrupted – Clue Element – (Communicate|Status Quo).


Outcome: The templars approach the shrine, as they listen of someone whispering, just behind it. Setia sneaks around, and Eron takes some distance, they try to listen and as it seems, a Soldier in studded leather armors with a house shield of the family of Tharos, is talking directly with an invisible presence (Communicate|Status Quo). He shares the situation of templars fiddling their noses into the matter, as well as Ren, the kid, is with the Elf, “which was part of the deal” (Truce|Opposition).

This information reveals that, this member of the house of Tharos, is indeed making a pact with demonic forces for political gains and claims on the region if Niteras. He also mentions a druid standing on his way (Is the druid Saros alive?)

Scene 9

Scene Proposal: Eron and Setia will engage The Nobleman of Tharos

Scene Alteration: Altered (Combat Circumstance: Combat: Secret Passage or Shortcut may be discovered – Scene Designer: Plot Progress – Specialist test – Difficult)

Round 1

Setia fires her Composite bow and hits the guard in the lower south location.

Eron discovers an entrance to a cave. He approaches the center of the area.

The other guards engage and protect their lord.

The Tharosian begins to enchant to summon a demon! (Takes 1d4 rounds: 1!)

Round 2

A guard engages Setia, she drops her bow, but no damage is dealt. She defends herself with a shortsword.

Another guard engages Eron, they smash shields with each other and on left-hand punch dazes Eron for a few moments.

The Tharosian, enchanting the Demon retreats, but stays in combat as a Tevinter Elven Mage (Random Event from Question: Close a Thread, Usurp|Outside), which are normally slaves, shows up from the caves enchanting foul blood magic. She calls the name of Saros (the name of the Village Druid), as she instructs the Horror Demon to attack the templars! (Closing thread, what happened with Saros the Druid? – He has been possessed!).

Round 3 and 4

Setia manages to defeat the guard in front of her, and eventually Eron, who is tired, hungry, defeats the guard.

But the horror demon gets his claws in Eron’s right shoulder, as he drops the sword, and at the same time, the Tharosian, plunges his shortsword into Eron’s torso, which although not deadly, leave an almost defeated Eron.

The Mage loses control of the demon, and she flees inside the caves, while Setia takes back her Bow again.

Round 5

The horror demon turns to the Tharosian, who was rushing towards Setia, without knowing her mage assistant was no longer there. He feels sharp demonic claws on the back of his torso and falls down.

Setia focuses her power on banishing the demon with Lyrium imbued arrows, which do not kill the demon but manage to force him to flee back into the veil, his own dimension.

Eron lies on the ground, losing a lot of blood in the meantime.

Outcome: After a bloody battle, where reinforcements were not expected, the templars faced a dangerous situation, after uncovering the secret of a House dealing with Blood Magic and Demons, to empower themselves and weaken the Region.

The druid Saros was possessed by a demon, probably against his will. On the other hand, nothing is known of the kid, other than he was seen with a wandering elf with a Greatsword. Apparently, some sort of truce or peace was arranged between the Human and the Elves, as if achieving some sort of trade.

The Tevinter Elven Mage, on the other hand, fled inside the caves, leaving another open question on her whereabouts. Now the templars will have to prepare themselves in order to stop this madness. As for the Tharosian, bleeding out just as Eron does. What will he uncover, if rescued?

To be continued…


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