Tuesday Jun 06, 2023

Dragon Mysteries – 1

The Game

Dragon Age inspired world, in which Templar knights hunt mages that do not follow the circle laws. People born with magic abilities are more exposed than regular people to demonic possession and a door to our world for unaccountable dangers. Humans, elves and dwarves coexist, although not without conflicts, both with each other and within them.

This will be a Mystery game, surrounding a town called Niteras, currently going through anomalous events, such as noises and vision during the night, reported by the guards, the water of the river lately becoming freezing, as compared to its usual temperature and a few nights ago, one of the village kids disappeared after wandering at night.

Solo Setup

There will be only one thread to start with: The curse of Niteras. And some NPCs characters to be expected around the area. The PCs begin the game with already some rumours and ideas gathered.

Will be using mainly, Mythic Game Master Emulator, various random tables, and the Mythic Mystery Matrix showed above. As an RPG, using light-weight Freeform Universal.

When I run out of ideas for the scene, or need to come up with a challenge for my PCs, I will use my Scene Designer.


The Templars received a demand from the Chantry, to send specialists to look into the matter. And so they responded. A young Templar called Eron, together with a Templar Mage Hunter, Setia are assigned to the town of Niteras, to figure out the matter.

Scene 1

Begin with Random Event: What is going on in Niteras? Clue|Struggle|Plans

Proposal: An Angry Mob at the village plaza. Chantry sisters and city guards trying to calm them down. Eron and Setia will look for the village Mayor and gather some initial details about their problems.

Alteration: Proceeds Normally

Outcome: The Village Mayor shares that he’s been trying to keep the village calmed down, but that is getting very hard. At first, what worries him the most are a group of bandits having set camp outside the village, in the Ruins of Garthiel. Then, it was the animals acting scared and enraged (new clue: Abandon|Animals), then realized that the Druid Village left, days ago at least. Finally, one of the farmer’s son, a kid, disappeared during the night. The druid’s hut resides outside the village walls, while the farmer’s house is within.

Scene 2

Proposal: Go to the villager’s house and knock the door, look for further clues about their son disappearance.

Alteration: Proceeds Normally

Outcome: From the parents of the kid, Eron and Setia learn that the kid was talking about being invited to a party, with lights and colors, before the day he disappeared. They thought it was something with friends from town (Clue: Festive|Extravagant). After questions, the Templars also learned that there was a strange traveler (Suspect: Swift|Mighty), who was an Elf carrying an Armor and swords with runes, they haven’t seen him again afterwards. He talked with their kid too, but don’t know about what.

Scene 3

Proposal: Eron and Setia will visit the Druid’s hut, named Saros, to find out what else can be uncovered regarding his leaving or disappearance.

Alteration: Proceeds Normally

Scene Designer: Plot Progress – Knowledge Challenge – Needs help

Outcome: As the Templars arrive to the hut, Setia identifies a warding magic around the Hut. Not a dangerous one, but a protective one. Setia manages to disable it but only temporarily (Yes, but), so Eron has to hurry up to check out the place inside and come outside again.

He does not find any signs of trouble (Efficiently|Military), and all the Druid’s inventory and things are actually in place. Nothing was missing (Exceptional No + Move toward Thread + Adjourn|Energy), except for the lack of energy inside (Investigation check failed).

When coming outside again, both Eron and Setia ask themselves whether the protective ward was set by the druid himself or not. And ask themselves why the Druid left, leaving all his things behind?

Chaos Rank: 5

Scene 4

Proposal: Eron and Setia go back to the Village walls, and look to inquiry the soldiers about the anomalies they saw at night.

Alteration: Scene Altered

Scene Designer: Circumstance favoring plot – Athletic Challenge – Needs help

Going to use a Clue to check how is a circumstance favoring a plot: 74 (Most Logical Clue – Soldiers reporting anomalies at night)

Outcome: As the Templars arrive to the city walls, made of wood, they notice one of the guards screaming in pain and crumbling down, in the middle of the night. Somehow, only the templars can listen to him, as if his screaming was suppressed by foul, evil magic. A woman, of violet skin, naked, walking towards the poor guard (Miserably|Delicate). A Desire Demon (New Suspect!)

Setia looks to climb alone, but she will not be able on her own. It’s too high (Scene designer’s athletic challenge that needs help!), Eron sprints forward and puts his shield on top so Setia can jump off. She readies her bow, and jumps, but she doesn’t make it. However (No, but), she gets to fire an arrow while in flight that hits the demon and pushes her off from the dying guard.

After a fight, in which Eron ends up injured and Setia dazed, the demon escapes in the night, but at least one Lyrium arrow hit the demon. The demon herself did not reveal any new clues for now. The young guard could not be rescued in time.

Chaos Rank: 6

Scene 5

Proposal: Eron and Setia will fall back to the tavern for recovery and replenishment. After a break, they will perform a ritual to trace the demon’s location or direction.

Alteration: Scene Altered

The templars are suffering!

Scene Designer: Plot Progress – Specialist test – Long or Staged task

Outcome: Because of some sort of energy in the Village of Niteras, the ritual seems to take more energy and time than it usually does, or perhaps is the demon influence in town stronger, or the veil thinner… Whatever the reason, Eron and Setia go through a hard time. (Ritual result: No. Fails)

Eron sacrifices his Lyrium amulet to empower the ritual, but it is not enough, and a complication is suffered (Complication: Environment – Disrupted/Modified/Artificial). Distortions of their past show up in the physical world, voices, sounds, screaming and reflections of a different reality. (Both characters receive “scared” condition, but receive a clue).

They learn that the victims of the village effects, visions and aberrations, are the youngest (Juvenile|Intrigue), most in particular kids and animals.

To Be Continued…


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