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After World 2155 – 2

Old Wings

Sven climbed up the cliff, stepping on various edges and thick roots. It wasn’t particularly challenging to him, and after clearing his sight past big leaves and hiking about 400 meters after the first edge, the sight of a wasteland of better times was open to his eyes. A clearing of an area with large wind turbines, barely standing and raising from scorched earth, most of their blades scattered across. Around him, rubble, plastics and leftovers from what was once an outpost. To the horizon, he’s got a better sight of a beautiful but untouchable jungle, only interrupted by further hills and mountains to the horizon.

Mythic Game Master (click to expand)

I’ve got Clues on this Turning Point. Sven is to pass an Investigate 5 to find potential clues towards the Feinmann plotline. Rolls a 3, but spends a FATE Point since he is a Talent Relic Hunter after all to take it to 5, which succeeds at a cost. He’ll have to work hard to unearth this piece of evidence.

He spots a scrap of metal pulling out from the ground, shining and reflecting radiated sunlight more than the rest of the blades down there. Around him, old rusty barrels, parts of an old metallic fence and rubble. Sven tries to pull the thing off, but it is certainly not easy. The thing is tight and requires effort.

Mythic Game Master (click to expand)

Sven will figure out something using his CRAFTS and his tools to dig this. I’ll ask for a CRAFTS 4 to work on this, and will certainly take some time and make him hungry earlier for the effort. Sven rolls a 1, it’s going to be tough. But he has 2 stunts open, I’ll declare a Stunt ‘Natural Workarounds: When in the wilderness +2 to CRAFTS when improvising tools’, plus a FATE Point to call ‘Equipped for Survival in the Wilds’ tool

Sven opens up his bag, plans to use his climbing hammer and ropes to work on the digging, yet he needs to improvise a mechanism to tract it outwards and pull the metal from the ground. Took him about an hour to improvise a pulley. However, the sun is hitting hard, and he is now starving, so he takes one of his last synthetic nutrition bars from his bag and eats it.

Mythic Game Master (click to expand)

Scene Alteration Check: Proceeds Normally. Will proceed with plot point “New Character”

Jungle protects us all

“Don’t do it”. Said a male’s voice, coming from one of the jungle side. Sven stood up quickly and turned around. Black, long hair, rough man in gray robes, orange hoods, just like the ones from the kid before. But this person was taller, of white skin, and had a plasma-rifle, pointing at Sven. Definitely not from the same ethnic group. “Wow, alright. Don’t do what?”, asked Sven, not much he could do. “Don’t pull the Exo-Vanguard off the ground”.

Mythic Game Master (click to expand)

This black-haired guy was an ex-Feinmann crew member. Behind his robes carries Feinmann leather shirts. This is a Notice 4 for Sven. But Sven rolls a 3 and is not willing to give away his last FATE point. So he fails to notice the detail.

– “Exo- what? What are you talking about?” asks Sven.
– The hooded man appears confused, “Who the hell are you?”.
“Well, if you stop pointing at me with the beam-rifle, maybe we can talk, alright?”

Mythic Game Master (click to expand)

Oh this will totally be a Rapport 2 check. Sven sucks at it. He rolls a 2 though! For this dude, TAC gave me Supporter identity, and Descriptors Wealthy, Inept. So likely not the brightest, I read.

“Alright, but if you do anything stupid, I’ll blow up your brain. You don’t seem to be from around here, so I’ll let it go, but now talk“, the black-haired commanded, still untrustworthy.
“Name’s Sven. I am an explorer. We are stuck in these islands. I am looking for some replacements to fix our ship. I am surprised, I didn’t expect to see humans around here.”
“I see. We had a ship once, too. But now the Mahafaly protect us. And that is why you will not touch that damned android”.
“Hold on, are you from the Feinmann? And this is an Android, you say?”
“Yes, an Android. It’s a Scout unit, trying to enforce and report survivors. I buried it there”
“I see. Alright. What happened to you? Where is the Feinmann ship?”

Mythic Game Master (click to expand)

It is VERY UNLIKELY that this guy is going to share this information with a stranger. I am asking Mythic. And got a No. I also need to ask if this person wants to take Sven to their Tribe. If not, he’ll want something else. Answer: He wants something else.

“You’ll have to learn that in time. I don’t trust you”.
“I have seen a kid, dressed like you. Darker skin though. He was one of yours?”
“The Mahafaly protect us in the Jungle. Yes.
“And who protects the Vanguards?”
“Traitors. Once friends. Now enemies. They joined the machines. We call them the ‘Vanguards’ because that is all we see. Androids that we smash over and over.”

Mythic Game Master (click to expand)

This was an interesting outcome. I have utilized the android as the Diminished Character plot point. The New Character is clearly the black-haired guy who did not share his name, belongs to the Native Faction, somehow, though he is one of the former Feinmann ship’s crew. The something getting away plot point, I haven’t figured it out yet. The question is how will the story proceed? Either Sven will want to directly go towards the Vanguard base and try to find his materials, or he will somehow reach out the Mahafaly to seek for help. This second is most reasonable. Thanks for reading! Cheers 🙂


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